4/26/2009 The Day After the CMM

Everyone has somewhat recovered, had a good run yesterday, ate lots of food, napped and stating to get a little stiff. Here are some of the pictures, many more later.


04/06/09 19 Days Until CMM

Had another great long run last Saturday; running on and around Belle Meade Blvd. B. D. joined us and we ran 13 miles. Kay got back on the road again after hurting her Knee a month ago. She did a real easy 5 miles and her knee held up to the test. I think her plans are to add some mileage this week without overdoing. Everyone hold her up in your prayers that this nagging injury would get better. See you on the ROADp10109771p1010978"The After Picture"

3/27/09 To Rain or to Run

Pic from last weeks long run. It was a hard run and we lost alot of our color…… Andrew is teaching me some photoshop tricks. Is it going to rain tomorrow? I think that we are going to run on Sunday afternoon. Were probably going to run on Belle Meade Blvd. again.

Where is everybody at?

Where is everybody at?

Jeff Running on Drugs..........

Jeff Running on Drugs..........

3/23/09 Cross Training

Our son Andrew is home from college for spring break and we decided to go on a bike ride this morning. Rented a bike for Andrew from Trace Bikes and started our ride at Pasquo Church of Christ. Went out Sneed to Temple to Old Natchez, to Del Rio Pike, to Magnolia, to Hillsboro, into Franklin. Had lunch at Captain D’s and looped back to Del Rio and returned to the start. It was about 25 miles and everyone had a great time. This was a great change of pace from the everyday running but tomorrow we’ll be back at it. Here are a couple of pics.

03/20/09 Long Run Tomorrow Morning on the “BLVD”

long-runTomorrow morning we are going to meet at the end of Belle Meade Blvd at 10:30 and do our run on the Boulevard. I’m thinking about doing the 2.5 miles to the entrance to the park and then doing the 6 mile loop in the park and then returning back to the end of Belle Meade Blvd. Kay is not going to run but I’m bringing her bike and she is going to ride some. If anyone would like to join us give me a call at 566-1862

03/13/09 Belle Meade Long Run

We tried to beat the rain that is supposed to be here tomorrow and wanted to run on a little flatter course, so we started at the beginning of Belle Meade Blvd. Ran all the way to the entrance of the park and turned left onto Page Road. Page Road dead ends at Chickering and we turned right on Chickering and went to the end at the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd and turned around and came back the same route. The total run was 10.2 miles. Here is a map of the run:

View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.com

03/08/09 Some days you got it some days you don’t!

p1010957Well yesterday was one of those days that I didn’t have it. Started out with beautiful weather feeling great, but within a mile I knew that today was going to be one of those days. I have had at least one every year on a long run day, but I was beginning to think that I was going to make it this year without having to thumb a ride home. I was planning to run 12 miles and after 3 I had decided to only run 10, so when I turned around at the 5 mile point I realized that I wasn’t going to make it.  I walked for awhile and then ran for awhile until Debbie Surdyke came by and FORCED me into her car. I didn’t want to get in but she FORCED me. The temperature was in the seventies but I really just ran out of gas. The long runs really bring the importance of eating right into clear view. Here are some pics from yesterday:

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